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Macambo beans

Macambo beans

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Macambo beans is a little known superfood.

Macambo is a plant from the same family as cocoa, it grows in tropical areas of Peru.

The properties of the beans are energizing, have good influence on the brain and have an impressive nutritional profile.

It has many similar nutritional properties to cocoa, but has less fat and more fiber.

The taste though is totally different.  It is more similar to cashews than cocoa.  

Very good option to add to your bowls, smoothies or desserts as a source of antioxidants.


Nutritional value

Energy                                    1816 kJ/433 kcal
Fats (g)                                             20.0
      Saturated fat (g)                           6.7
Carbohydrates (g)                            46.7
      Of which sugars (g)                     0.0
Fiber (g)                                             6.7
Protein (g)                                       20.0
Sodium (mg)                                     0.0

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