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Gguni Dates Cacao

Cacao husk tea, 50g

Cacao husk tea, 50g

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Introducing our all-natural cacao husk from ecological Nicaragua O'Tuma cacao beans ready to make delicious cacao tea! This product is meticulously sourced from sustainable farms in Nicaragua, where cacao beans are grown using organic and eco-friendly practices. Each package contains high-quality cacao husks, carefully selected to ensure a premium product for your enjoyment.

The cacao husk is the protective outer shell that encapsulates the rich cacao beans. After the beans are toasted, the husks is separated from the beans and is a unique ingredient to make delicious energizing and nutritiuos tea with the scent of cacao.

How to prepare:

On 1-2 tea spoons (3g) of cacao husk pour boiling water and leave it for 5 minutes. Filter it and enjoy. You can sweetened it or leave unsweetened. 


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