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Gguni Dates Cacao

52% Chocolate with Cinnamon with LABU dried Plum and Apple puree peaces. Sweetened with dates.

52% Chocolate with Cinnamon with LABU dried Plum and Apple puree peaces. Sweetened with dates.

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65% Chocolate with Cinnamon, sweetened with dates, with LABU dried plum and apple puree pieces. The Cacao part in a whole product is 52%. Vegan friendly. Bean to bar. Made by hand from single origin Nicaragua cacao beans in a small family manufactory in Spain. It is different in many ways: 
*it is less processed, to preserve all the best nutrients cacao beans have, 
*it has no refined sugar, because it is sweetened with the date fruit, 
*it has no milk, nor traces of milk, but has soft and pleasant taste, it is totally vegan friendly and does not have even a single trace of animal products, 
*it has no emulsifiers nor other artificial additives
*it has no flavourings, but has real products (see ingredients).,
*in our produccion we do not use nuts, so our chocolate does no contain any traces of nuts neither.
*we wrap it into paper, we do not use neither plastic, nor aluminium


The LABU dried puree is created for everyone who cares about his/her body and good mood.  It contains only the whole fruits and berries - all the edible parts of the fruit: juice, pulp and skin, which, depending on the type of fruit, contains 30 to 60% of the  biologically valuable substances necessary for the human body (phenolic substances, vitamins, fiber, pectin, etc.).


*without addes sugar *without gluten *without milk *without nuts *without emulators * without artificial additives *no plastic * no aluminium

Ingredientes: Chocolate 80%: Nicaragua single origen organic cacao beans, ground organic dates, organic cacao butter, organic Ceylon cinnamon. Cacao 65%. LABU dried fruit puree pieces 20%: plum (15%), apple (85%)

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