Thick and special hot chocolate

Thick and special hot chocolate


Hello!! We start by unveiling the recipes based on cocoa mass.

In the coming days we will teach you how to make 4 recipes based on non-alkalized or defatted cocoa, vegan, without added sugar, gluten, without added oils or fats, with integral ingredients and full of nutrients.

Nutritionally all these recipes are rich in fiber, antioxidants, healthy fats, iron, magnesium, calcium and have a low glycemic index.

They are also "zero waste" recipes not only because you can make them only with bulk ingredients but also because we are not going to waste anything when making them since all the ingredients that are "left" from one recipe are used in the other.

Today's recipe is a delicious hot chocolate, thick and from scratch, with homemade vegetable milk and cocoa of the best quality.

Ingredients (p/ 2 people):

50 gr oat flakes

600 ml filtered water

40 gr cocoa mass Gguni Dates Cacao

15 gr of dried ground dates (you can also use coconut sugar or panela) or two dates medjoul.

1 dessert spoon arrowroot starch flour.

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of cinnamon (optional)

1 pinch of pepper (optional)


First prepare the oat milk. There are several ways to make oat milk, some cold (without using fire) and others hot. I prefer to use this process because it is creamier and has better emulsion.

Put the water in a saucepan and heat it, when it is boiling lower the heat to medium heat and add the oats, salt and cinnamon let it cook and stir for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it cool a little, ideally until it is warm and you can touch it without burning.

When the cooked oatmeal is warm, pass it along with its water to the blender glass and crush the mixture. Glue it with a cloth strainer or a strainer bag for vejetales milks. Attention do not throw the pulp of the oats. Let's use it in another recipe. If you want to use it the day after you can keep it in a jar in the fridge, if you think it will take more than a couple of days to use it you can freeze it.

You already have your milk.

To prepare the hot chocolate, separate the milk into two equal portions. One of them you will put it back in the glass of the mixer with the dates and starch, and crush it until the dates fall apart. If you have used any powdered sugar you do not need to crush, just mix half of the milk with the sugar and cornstarch and reserve.

The other part of the milk goes to the low heat, when it is hot the cocoa mass is added and stirred until it falls apart. You can use a milk frother to help dilute the cocoa. When it is diluted add the rest of the milk that has the sugar (dates) and starch and stir keeping the heat low until it begins to thicken. If you like it to sting a little you can add a pinch of pepper or ginger powder.

Serve in the cup and enjoy.

Remember that Gguni cocoa mass is a much less processed version of cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is always alkalized and defatted (otherwise it could not be made into powder) which means it loses at least 60% of cocoa's natural antioxidants.  Also when making a hot chocolate there is no comparison to use cocoa mass instead of cocoa powder since by maintaining the natural fats of cocoa the flavor remains more balanced and less bitter.
The creator of this recipe is Ana, our magical @alquimista_vegana

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