Protein and antioxidant bars

Protein and antioxidant bars


Today we teach you how to make protein and antioxidant bars made with our cocoa dough. Which is nothing more than organic cocoa beans, of single origin (from a single farm) Nicaraguan, roasted and ground. This cocoa comes in dough and not powder because it was not defatted. It is also not alkalized and therefore has 60% more antioxidants than most cocoa we find on sale.

The bars are very easy to make and rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and proteins. Ideal to take to a hiking trail, to the beach, or simply to savor at breakfast or coffee break. We share the recipe for 10 bars like the ones in the photo:


  •  50gr of Cocoa Mass
  •  30gr flax seeds
  •  50gr pea protein (unflavored) 
  •  3 Medjoul dates  
  •  2 dessert spoons of almond butter (you can also make it with the same amount of tahini, peanut butter, hazelnut or other seed or nut cream that you like)
  • one teaspoon of organic Ceylon cinnamon powder from Gguni Dates Cacao

* Melt the cocoa in a water bath;
* Crush flax seeds in the processor until they remain as a flour;
* Add the melted cocoa little and little and continue beating the mixture in the processor until everything is well incorporated;
* Transfer the mixture to a rectangular container and level the contents so that everything is at the same height;
* Powder the cinnamon evenly on top;
* Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours;
* Remove from the container, cut into bars and wrap them with vegetable paper so you can take them with you anywhere.

By not carrying any ingredient with water (only dry and fatty ingredients) it keeps very well out of the fridge for two weeks. If it is very hot they will become a little soft but with these proportions you will see that they will not melt.

If you make them, tell us what you think!

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