Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse


Today @ggunidatescacao in collaboration with @alquimista_vegana we bring you a vegan dessert recipe with not alkalized nor defatted cocoa, without added sugar, gluten, without added oils or fats, with integral ingredients and full of nutrients.

It is also a "zero residue" recipe and we will use ingredients that we have reserved (instead of throwing away) from the previous recipes.

Today's recipe is to make a very light and soft chocolate mousse in texture but with an accentuated cocoa flavor (as we like lovers of quality chocolate).

To make it we will need (recipe for two people):

350 of aquafaba (which have kept from the preparation of "Cacumus" - if you do not know what we are talking about look at the previous post)

30 gr of cocoa mass Gguni Dates Cacao

3 tablespoons of dried and ground dates (you can buy right here in our online store).

1/2 dessert spoon lemon juice.


This mouse is as rich as it is easy to prepare. But for this you need a blender like those used to make egg whites about snow.

On the one hand we are melting the cocoa mass in a water bath with attention to stir and so that it does not overheat, we just need it to melt completely, when it is melted we leave it in the bain-marie but with the fire off so that it stays melted.

On the other hand in a large bowl pour the aquafaba (if it was in the freezer you have to let it thaw completely but it is recommended that it is very cold) and the lemon and we give it with the mixer as we would do with the egg whites if we wanted to make them about to snow.

Aquafaba is a wonderful invention because it behaves chemically in a very similar way to egg white which allows us to make snow knitting, meringues and other vegan bleaches like this mouse.

When we see that it is already "mounting" we will add little by little of dried and ground dates and beat the mixture until we get the consistency of snow point (it must be bright and when you lift the mixer it forms a peak that does not fall or deform).

Then you have to take a spatula and wrap the melted cocoa in the foam. Cocoa should be poured very slowly (it is better done with 4 hands than 2) and it is wrapped in the foam carefully with movements from top to bottom because we do not want to disassemble the aquafaba, just incorporate the cocoa.

And it is done, if you want to decorate it as we did in the photo take a mint leaf, wet the tip in what has been left of the melted cocoa mass and put it in the fridge for a few minutes until it is hard. You can also decorate with cocoa nibs that also add some crunchiness to the creamy texture of the mouse.




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